Authors Answer 12 – Childhood Favourites

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Authors were once children.  Hard to believe, isn’t it?  Many authors loved reading books when they were kids.  It’s my daughter’s third birthday on Sunday, and she enjoys books, though she can’t read them.  She’s mostly into colouring books at the moment, though she likes looking at pictures, too.  Last year, she got the entire set of Beatrix Potter books.  We haven’t read it together yet, since she’s not patient enough to sit down for more than a minute with it.  So, what did our authors enjoy when they were kids?

peterrabbitQuestion 12: My daughter’s third birthday is on January 25th. What children’s books did you read when you were a child?

H. Anthe Davis

There were these two Buddies books with a duck and a bunny and a monkey who were best friends and had adventures that usually involved standing up for people being bullied.  I really liked those…

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2 Responses to Authors Answer 12 – Childhood Favourites

  1. Terry Ervin says:

    My favorite book when I was a kid was: The King, the Mice and the Cheese, by Nancy Gurney. I enjoyed the story’s progression and the pictures where just neat, to me.

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    • I don’t recall having a -favorite- book as a young child, but there was a wonderfully quirky book titled Neighbors, about Wadsworth Hippopotamus and Gina Giraffe — it had nearly as much fun nonsense in it as a Dr. Seuss book, and the illustrations were more interesting.


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