Updates and announcements: my clone’s novel

My clone is off with friends from the university right now, celebrating one of their cohort being accepted into a PhD program. As I understand it, much beer is involved. (Paul found a place here in town that sells Guinness, so he’s happy.)

— The novel is even closer to being finished. (I’m sure LR wants to know this, at least. Mwahahaha — he gets two scenes.) Maybe a couple more chapters to go? Also… Beloved blog readers, I’ve a confession to make: I’ve read the most recently written — although not yet edited — chapter of The Madness Engine, and eep! doesn’t even begin to cover it.  That’s my reaction, by the way, not that of the character with whom I identify most strongly from among those present. (Ironic, no?) At this moment I (along with one or two other people) am very glad Geoffrey is able to keep his reactions under control and not say things he shouldn’t. I doubt I could do as well in the same situation. (This is me quietly geeking out over the brilliant dramatic irony and meta-fiction-ness of it all. My clone is so talented — he can turn a story on its head with a single pronoun.)

— Got images from the cover artist yesterday. Still need a few minor adjustments to the third one, but covers for books 1 and 2 are done, and we’re very pleased with them. I’ll be making an announcement as soon as all three are ready.

This artist has been very easy to work with. He’s thorough, he’s professional, he’s fast, he’s good at what he does, and his rates are quite reasonable. I’d definitely recommend this guy to other authors seeking original/non-generic cover art for their books.

— I learned something recently: I should always do my A-to-Z post first each day, before anything else I may choose to blog about.

original art by Paul B. spence

This is Geoffrey Meeks. You probably didn’t read my interview with him, because I made the mistake of posting a ‘grammar rant’ first that day.




About Thomas Weaver

For several years, I’ve been putting my uncanny knack for grammar and punctuation, along with an eclectic mental collection of facts, to good use as a Wielder of the Red Pen of Doom (editor). I'm physically disabled, and I currently live with my smugly good-looking twin Paul, who writes military science fiction and refuses to talk about his military service because he can’t. Sometimes Paul and I collaborate on stories, and sometimes I just edit whatever he writes. It's worked out rather well so far. My list of non-writing-related jobs from the past includes librarian, art model, high school teacher, science lab gofer… Although I have no spouse or offspring to tell you about, I do have six cats. (The preferred term is "Insane Cat Gentleman.") I currently spend my time blogging, reading, editing, and fending off cats who like my desk better than my twin’s.
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