Interviews with my imaginary friends: Rachael Vardegan

For this year’s A-to-Z April Challenge, I’m interviewing characters from my and/or my twin’s fiction. Some of them are major characters, some are supporting cast, and some have managed to avoid any page-time (so far).


Rachael Vardegan, freetrader starship captain, a woman who was in the right (or wrong, depending on whom you ask) place at the right time and got caught up in an adventure she never asked for… She first appears in The Fallen.

Thomas: I know better than to ask you what you think of some of the other characters in the story.

Rachael: You mean like Drake?

Thomas: No… Not just him. I’ve sometimes thought you and Jon would get along, though.

Rachael: Well, yeah, except he’s friends with Drake, isn’t he?

Thomas: Yes. Want to know a secret?

Rachael: Not really. You tell me Jon is half human on his mother’s side, and I will hit you.

Thomas: Well, he is.

Rachael: Is his father human?

Thomas: We don’t ask that question — it leads to awkwardness.

Rachael: [mutters something rude in Yiddish]

Thomas: Here’s a question from the readers of my blog, then: What other characters would you normally be compared to?

Rachael: That Solo guy, of course, from those movies. He’s pretty much the archetype for characters in our profession. Not that Nancy would appreciate the implied comparison between her and the Wookie. [grins]  A lot of stories have a rogue-type character who gets caught up in the heroes’ quest, though, so I’m sure there are plenty of characters the readers could compare me to if they wanted.

Thomas: Seriously? [raises eyebrow] Have you been reading Joseph Campbell?

Rachael: No, I’ve been talking to your other imaginary friends, because we get bored when we’re not in-story, and some of them have read Campbell. Or other writers who deal with the same ideas.

Thomas: Ah. You’ve been talking to Geoffrey, then. [shakes head] You don’t think you could be friends with Jon Livingston because he’s friends with Drake, but you’re hanging out with Geoffrey Meeks and discussing literature? You do know how he got into these stories in the first place, don’t you?

Rachael: Yeah. Inter-dimensional ninjas invaded his house. I can relate.

About Thomas Weaver

For several years, I’ve been putting my uncanny knack for grammar and punctuation, along with an eclectic mental collection of facts, to good use as a Wielder of the Red Pen of Doom (editor). I'm physically disabled, and I currently live with my smugly good-looking twin Paul, who writes military science fiction and refuses to talk about his military service because he can’t. Sometimes Paul and I collaborate on stories, and sometimes I just edit whatever he writes. It's worked out rather well so far. My list of non-writing-related jobs from the past includes librarian, art model, high school teacher, science lab gofer… Although I have no spouse or offspring to tell you about, I do have eight cats. I currently spend my time blogging, reading, editing, and fending off cats who like my desk better than my twin’s.
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3 Responses to Interviews with my imaginary friends: Rachael Vardegan

  1. I like Rachel. From her interview, I think we would get along – especially if she’s cool with inter-dimensional ninja invasions.

    Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy

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  2. Hannah G says:

    My characters also talk to each other when I’m not looking. They call it the “Character Information Network.” CIN for short. Buncha troublemakers…

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