Sometimes, he reminds his blog followers about SF/F novels he hasn’t mentioned in a while.

Just look at that cover art… Look at it! 🙂 And that’s a low-resolution version. The actual book (print or digital) looks even better.


The planet Cedeforthy hides dark secrets, some far older than the human civilization there. After the disaster of his previous mission, Lt. Commander Hrothgar Tebrey finds himself assigned as military attaché to an archaeological expedition, with orders to assess any artifacts discovered for potential use in a war which the Earth Federation is losing. Then someone — or something — sabotages the expedition…

There’s a sequel, too.

The Fallen BookCover5_25x8_Cream_540

Lt. Commander Hrothgar Tebrey returns to duty on the eve of interstellar war, hunted across the Earth Federation by the hellish Theta entities that want him dead and are willing murder entire worlds to make it happen.

One more? Okay…

Destroyer BookCover5_25x8_Cream_560

The war grinds on, but dark forces move behind the scenes, intent on unleashing a terror that has already spread beyond Hrothgar Tebrey’s universe. Meanwhile, Tonya Harris stumbles upon an Engine, a weapon that must never be used but already has been. Loyalties will be tested, dark pasts revealed, and the enemy will strike a blow at the heart of the Concord from which it may never recover.

I’ve read part of book four (working title, Stars End), so the series is definitely still ongoing.

WordPress doesn’t like us posting links directly to Amazon, but you can go here, to the author’s website, and get the links from there. He also has two FREE short stories you may like, from the same setting.


Those three are science fiction, but what if you’re more of an epic fantasy fan?

Gregory S. Close's EPIC fantasy novel, In Siege of Daylight

Gregory S. Close’s EPIC fantasy novel, In Siege of Daylight

In Siege of Daylight: Book One of Light, Dark & Shadow is an epic fantasy with richly developed characters and a strong debut for a promising new series. Calvraign, the hero of the tale, is an apprentice to the king’s bard. His studies are filled with prophecy, romance, mythic enemies, and magic, and he contents himself with such fantasies until the day that he is suddenly called to the capital city. His best friend Callagh, the most skilled huntress in their village, senses something isn’t right with Calvraign’s hasty summons and follows him. Her instincts prove true, as his arrival throws the king’s court into chaos, and the two are abruptly torn from their simple country life and plunged into the real-life version of Calvraign’s tales.

You can find more about this novel (and a link to Amazon) here.

(I have a t-shirt with the cover art from In Siege of Daylight on it. I want a poster-sized print of the cover art from The Remnant. And action figures of several of the characters, but we can’t have everything our geeky hearts desire…)

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2 Responses to Sometimes, he reminds his blog followers about SF/F novels he hasn’t mentioned in a while.

  1. M. Oniker says:

    WP doesn’t like direct links to Amazon? What happens if you do? :::gets anxious:::

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    • I just recall seeing something somewhere about how WP doesn’t want anyone selling stuff through their WP blog unless they have the right kind of WP account… I doubt they’d care about a link to Amazon along with, say, a review of someone else’s book. I’ll look into it more when I’m awake.

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