Writing Glitch 937

Today’s glitch:

Don’t capitalize black hole.

Add a comma after second. (If you want a more precise number for the speed of light in miles per second, it’s 186,282. The speed of light is usually expressed in meters per second, though, which is 300,000,000, or 3×10^8. Actually, the exact speed — as far as we know, because we can’t be certain until we get some precise measurements from outside the heliopause — is 299,792,458 meters per second. For most people, most of the time, rounding to 3×10^8 is just fine.)

Notice that the person who made this example didn’t capitalize black hole the second time? If you’re going to use nonstandard capitalizations, at least be consistent. (*mutters something about cards and dim lighting*)

Typo alert: There’s an extra space before the period after extreme.

The last sentence… I know what it’s trying to say, but that’s not what it does say. Word order matters, friends.

The gravity of a black hole is so strong that nothing, not even light, traveling at 186,000 miles (300,000 km) per second, can escape it.

Near a black hole, time becomes extremely slowed down. Time essentially stops. And Einstein’s theory predicts that at the center of a black hole, time is destroyed.



About Thomas Weaver

For several years, I’ve been putting my uncanny knack for grammar and punctuation, along with an eclectic mental collection of facts, to good use as a Wielder of the Red Pen of Doom (editor). I'm physically disabled, and I currently live with my smugly good-looking twin Paul, who writes military science fiction and refuses to talk about his military service because he can’t. Sometimes Paul and I collaborate on stories, and sometimes I just edit whatever he writes. It's worked out rather well so far. My list of non-writing-related jobs from the past includes librarian, art model, high school teacher, science lab gofer… Although I have no spouse or offspring to tell you about, I do have six cats. (The preferred term is "Insane Cat Gentleman.") I currently spend my time blogging, reading, editing, and fending off cats who like my desk better than my twin’s.
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