“Dormice” and the cats who will play with them.

Disclaimer: They’re not dormice; they’re not any kind of real mice. The reason for referring to them as dormice comes from an old bit of backstory for one of the secondary characters in my twin’s novels… Honeyed dormice, specifically, that he (the character, not my twin) claimed were kept around as critter snacks, but some of us suspected that he ate the things himself sometimes.

Anyway, the photo below is of some mouse-shaped cat toys placed in a glass jar along with some catnip so they can soak up the smell of the herb. (There’s another jar of toy mousies with valerian in it, for the times when catnip isn’t enough.) Because they’re in a jar, we were reminded of the thing about the dormice…

Toy mice in a glass jar with catnip.

As the title of this post suggests, yes, there are more cat photos today, too.

Smudge Thistle, very small kitty. (Black and white cat on dark red rug.) Look at that face! She’s named Smudge because of the black smudge on her nose.


Tabitha Juniper, looking moderately annoyed by this disruption in her routine. (Tortie cat on top of bookshelf — background includes medieval-style helmet, war hammer, and piece of petrified tree trunk.)

Three kitties on a cat tree: Ashley (grey tortie at top), Logan (mostly white kitten), and Smudge (black-and-white cat, Logan’s mom).



About Thomas Weaver

For several years, I’ve been putting my uncanny knack for grammar and punctuation, along with an eclectic mental collection of facts, to good use as a Wielder of the Red Pen of Doom (editor). I'm physically disabled, and I currently live with my smugly good-looking twin Paul, who writes military science fiction and refuses to talk about his military service because he can’t. Sometimes Paul and I collaborate on stories, and sometimes I just edit whatever he writes. It's worked out rather well so far. My list of non-writing-related jobs from the past includes librarian, art model, high school teacher, science lab gofer… Although I have no spouse or offspring to tell you about, I do have eight cats. I currently spend my time blogging, reading, editing, and fending off cats who like my desk better than my twin’s.
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2 Responses to “Dormice” and the cats who will play with them.

  1. Super cute kitties!

    And you are spot-on about auto-correct. I’m not certain who programmed its logic.

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