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“‘blindness” revisited

The original post must have been among the ones lost to the Blog-Eating Beast a few years ago, because it isn’t here now… The topic has become relevant again, however, because a few of the bloggers I follow have been … Continue reading

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Think about this, folks…

Not to mention how using the word in such a way diminishes the original, real meaning, turning it into a mere synonym for ‘person who has strong views I don’t agree with.’

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Dangling Modifiers :-)

Originally posted on Writing your first novel-Things you should know:
You ever read sentences and stop? You go back and read them again and again. Sometimes you probably laugh out loud, because they’re funny and definitely not what the author…

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“Passive voice” does not mean “negative statement,” either.

In anthropology, they’re called post-processualists. I’m sure they’re called something else in discussions of literature, but the mindset is the same: “This is factually true because this is how I feel about it.” (If you’re a sci-fi nerd like me, … Continue reading

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“Grendel wants a Chaucer coat.”

Mostly I’m blogging about this because “Grendel wants a Chaucer coat” seems like a perfect title for a post. And it made ya look, didn’t it? 🙂 “Grendel wants a Chaucer coat,” said my brother a couple of weeks ago … Continue reading

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The very brief after-holiday report

There were humans in my house on Saturday. For five hours! I’m still recovering mentally/emotionally. I’ll get back to normal blogging soon, I hope, but for now, I just need some quiet.

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Sometimes, his housecat tries cosplay. :-)

If you know cats, you know how difficult it usually is to get them to try cosplay…  Anyway, finally, here are a couple of photos of one of my cats in “costume.” Last time, Doodle dressed as Hunter Tebrey, which … Continue reading

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