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Stupid concept: ‘How you write a sentence depends on your lung capacity.’

Perhaps the biggest lie anyone has ever told you about commas is that they represent breaths. “Add a comma anywhere you pause to breathe,” is bad advice I see a lot from online “writing experts” and others. I saw it … Continue reading

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Link: “Powered Armor in Science Fiction (Books)”

Today, my clone-sibling (identical twin) Paul has a blog post about powered armor in science fiction novels. He talks a bit about the different types of such armor (piloted versus cybernetic, for example) and then gives brief descriptions of a … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces: May 22

It shouldn’t bother me, but it does… I don’t like anyone shortening my name. I’m Thomas, not Tom (and gods help you if you call me Tommy to my face). If that’s too hard to remember, just call me Weaver … Continue reading

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Authors Answer 133 – The Passive Voice

Originally posted on I Read Encyclopedias for Fun:
The passive voice is something authors are often told not to use. But what exactly is the passive voice? Here’s a simple example. Passive voice: The door was opened by John. Active…

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So You Want to Be an Editor…

One of the authors I work with (J.R. Handley, who writes military sci-fi) asked me to write a post on how an aspiring fiction editor can know if he or she is ready to go pro… This post contains some … Continue reading

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Here is my interview with Paul B. Spence

Originally posted on authorsinterviews:
Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.   Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age? Hello.My name is Paul B. Spence.…

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Updates and ramblings: May 15

First things first… My clone has more interesting topics lined up for his blog over the next few weeks, so you really ought to consider following him directly. Today’s post is “Psionics in Science Fiction,” wherein Paul briefly describes another … Continue reading

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