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Sometimes, he shares a polite(ish) rant about editing.

Today, Cait Reynolds, as a guest on Kristen Lamb’s blog, has an excellent post about five things editors hate. “The National Association of Recovering Freelancers* put out a study that said four out of five freelance editors suffer a nervous … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he shares a post about why “Kill your darlings” and other authorial platitudes are not such good advice.

Here’s just a tiny sample of what Chuck Wendig has to say on the topic: Kill Your Darlings (besides from being a great band name) is 101-class advice. It’s entry-level, as are most of the authorial platitudes. Show Don’t Tell? … Continue reading

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Of sci-fi and coffee mugs

I have a giant coffee mug (holds about half a gallon — no exaggeration), but it’s plain white, which is sometimes rather boring (and also the color of vanilla ice cream and Moby Dick: a color which I don’t think … Continue reading

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Writing and Real Life in the Middle of May

My clone-sibling spent part of this morning working on his current WIP (the novel formerly known as Stars’ End) and has informed me that he’s on chapter twenty now. That’s roughly forty percent of the way through what he has … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he needs to repeat what he said two years ago about fan fiction.

Pay attention, kids; this may be on the test later… John Steakley’s novel Armor is NOT Starship Troopers fan fiction. Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers is NOT Lensmen fan fiction. Charles Stross’ fantasy novel The Family Trade is NOT second-hand fan fiction of Philip … Continue reading

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Sharing someone else’s post: “Where Writers Get Stuck: Planning”

Blogger Allison Maruska says even “panster” writers do some planning and would be more accurately called plantsers. I prefer the term waypoint writer (which I learned while reading an article on the Mythic Scribes site) because of the actual waypoints in … Continue reading

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Writing updates: the end of March

News for those of you who’ve been waiting for Stars’ End: First, it almost certainly won’t be titled Stars’ End. Second, it will be the next-to-last book in this series, which means you’ll get a fifth book, too, eventually. Third, … Continue reading

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