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Writing updates: “fun” with backstory revision. (Argh!)

Some awesome/weird things happening lately in The Adventures of a Sci-Fi Author and His Copyeditor Brother… 🙂 It has already become a running joke between us: “So… about serial immortality.” Y’see, we started to have a conversation about this topic … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he shares a link to a post about writing SECRETS.

First, here’s a link to the other blogger’s post. It’s all about how and why to write secrets for your fictional people. And now, my brief comments on it: Oh, the metaphors…! “In some genres this baggage may be carry-on … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he attempts (and fails, probably) to explain “the editing process” as he knows it.

Have you ever experienced difficulty explaining to others how to do something you’re particularly good at? I’ve been asked to write an article on “the editing process,” and I don’t know what to say. Other than a basic overview of … Continue reading

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“Finder” can no longer be found here… but I’ll still talk about it. A LOT.

(I did mention that I don’t do April Fools’ Day, right? Yeah. So everything in this post is as real as anything in a post on any other day. There will be sarcasm and such, but I won’t lie to … Continue reading

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Origin stories… or stories’ origins, at least.

While looking through old computer files on Monday, Paul discovered five unpublished short stories about Hrothgar Tebrey: stuff he wrote for fun, back when we were both hanging out with a writers’ group in a city back east. I’m pretty … Continue reading

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(show of hands)

On Wednesday, my clone-sibling told me about his idea for another series of novels, these a spin-off (stop it, brain! no spinning!) of the current series (the one beginning with The Remnant). Apparently someone didn’t take Geoffrey’s (out-of-story) advice to … Continue reading

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In case you want something to read next week…

We’d sort of intended to do pre-orders on Paul’s latest novel, but we didn’t want to wait, either, so the print edition of The Sleeping and the Dead will be available on Amazon in a couple of days (or sooner), … Continue reading

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