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Asking for a (fictional) friend…

Seriously, what do you think? Yes, this is another “Who knows what weirdness lurks in the minds of sci-fi writers?” situation. Characters will probably be arguing about it for a long time… but I want to know if you, O … Continue reading

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First review of The Sleeping and the Dead… at long last.

First Amazon review of Paul’s most recent sci-fi novel, The Sleeping and the Dead: There’s a lot going on in this series at this point. This universe, or the Tebreyverse as I like to call it, has expanded in epic … Continue reading

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Sometimes, cooking is book research.

The things I do in the name of research for writing a novel… Fact: There is only one way to get complete, adequately bio-available protein from a non-animal source, and that’s to eat corn, beans, and squash cooked together. (You … Continue reading

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Irony: Pervasive punctuation errors in a blog post saying professional authors — real, serious-about-the-craft writers of any sort — always make sure their writing is free of errors. Punctuation advice of the day: Do not add a comma after a … Continue reading

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Of straw men, lawn gnomes, and reality.

Straw man: (noun) An intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument. (Did you get that? It’ll be on the test later.) I keep running into variations on this particular … Continue reading

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Guess again.

Remember my post titled “Guess” from back in the autumn of 2016, in which I discussed the results of feeding samples of writing to the “Gender Guesser” program to see if it really could accurately identify the writer’s sex/gender, based … Continue reading

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Writing updates: May 3, 2019

The clone is writing again after taking a bit of a break from that (not by choice — there’s just something about the stress of dealing with a wildfire and its aftermath that makes writing fiction more difficult). As of … Continue reading

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