Question Marks

Question marks

You’d think this one would be easy, wouldn’t you?

I wonder why some writers don’t know how to use question marks?

Take a look at that sentence again.

Does it appear correct?

It isn’t.

Stating that you wonder about something is not asking a question.

As a question, it would go like this:  Why do some writers not know how to use question marks?

That’s a question, and it is punctuated accordingly.

Use a question mark when and only when asking a question.

I didn’t know this was an educational blog?

Yeah, well, that’s because it isn’t, technically.  🙂  This is the personal blog of a grumpy, grouchy old man who wants to help everyone learn how to communicate clearly through the written word.  (Also, he would like you to get off his lawn.)

As you may have suspected, stating that you don’t know something is also not asking a question.

What about dialogue?  How does a question mark work there?

Well, let me tell you… Just place the question mark at the end of the question, not at the end of any tag (attribution) that comes afterward.

Correct:  “What kind of blog is this, then?” said Bob.

Incorrect:  “What kind of blog is this then” said Bob?

Again, use a question make when and only when asking a question. It’s that simple.


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