Writing Glitch #538

Today’s second glitch:

The problem here is with comma placement. Either get rid of the comma completely or move it to after paths instead of after knowingly (because it makes no sense where it is in the original). 

Whenever a couple gets married, they are mailed an unmarked envelope with a video of all the times they have crossed paths knowingly or unknowingly. 

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Writing Glitch #537

Today’s first glitch:

Don’t capitalize the first word of a dialogue tag that follows the dialogue. In this example, she should not be capitalized.

If you find yourself needing/wanting both an exclamation mark and a question mark for the same sentence, use italics rather than an exclamation mark to indicate the strong emotion. (Also, the verb screamed is a fairly good indicator already that it’s said with strong emotion.)

“Where’s the baby?” she screamed. 



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Writing Glitch #536

Today’s second glitch:

This one is going to require some rewording in addition to any corrections to grammar and punctuation.

As it is, the introductory phrase in the first sentence (kudos to the creator of this example for using a comma after population) suggests that each person has laws controlling the population. I know that’s not what the writer intended, but that is what the sentence says. So let’s change it to Instead of there being laws controlling the population.

Also, there’s more than one interpretation for controlling the population (does it mean regulating the number of people?), whereas controlling the populace can only mean controlling the people, collectively, who live in this place, so I’m changing that, too.

Change the comma after murder to a semicolon (or a period). 

It is unclear what the pronoun they refers to. I’m changing that sentence so it isn’t even an issue.

Your law, whatever it is, isn’t just in the past; it applies now, too, and since the whole example is written in present-tense, was should be is.

Spell out numbers: forty-seven, not 47

Instead of there being laws to control the populace, each person has laws assigned to them specifically. Some people aren’t allowed to murder; some aren’t allowed to wear green. No one told you what your law is, but you’re forty-seven, and you still haven’t broken it.

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Writing Glitch #535

Today’s first glitch:

(Don’t worry. This is just an example of errors in writing. Use the prompt itself as a prompt only if you want to.)

There is No Reason to capitalize Those Words. 🙂 Leave Monty Python capitalized, of course, since that’s a proper name, but otherwise only capitalize the first word of the sentence.

Write about an alien invasion in the style of a Monty Python sketch.

(This would be an amusing story, y’know. Just in case you’re looking for ideas and have a fondness for British humor…)

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Writing Glitch #534

Today’s second glitch:

Don’t capitalize engineer.

There is no conceivable reason for a comma after productive; get rid of it.

Get rid of the quotation marks around last minute, and don’t capitalize those words.

Add end punctuation to the end of the sentence.

Nothing makes an engineer more productive than the last minute. 

(WordPress’ spelling/grammar checker doesn’t like last minute as two separate words. This is no doubt because WordPress’ spelling/grammar checker doesn’t realize there’s a difference between last minute and last-minute. Hint: the latter is an adjective, whereas the former is an adjective followed by the noun it describes.)


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Writing Glitch #533

Today’s first glitch:

This one’s easy. Just hyphenate twenty-four (because twenty-four is always hyphenated).

The Museum of Vanished Things was open twenty-four hours a day.

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Sometimes, his housecat tries cosplay. :-)

If you know cats, you know how difficult it usually is to get them to try cosplay… 

Anyway, finally, here are a couple of photos of one of my cats in “costume.” Last time, Doodle dressed as Hunter Tebrey, which he liked a lot better, since it just involved posing with a ragdoll made to look like Hunter’s “human” brother, Hrothgar. This time… Doodle has a large “ruby” (forty to fifty carats, simple setting, heavy chain… yadda yadda yadda, Weaver has way too much book trivia in his brain) around his neck. Maybe he’s dressed as Prince Corwin of Amber, wearing the Jewel of Judgement. Maybe he’s dressed as King Tristan of Stormhold, with that ruby that caused so much trouble in Stardust. And maybe he’s dressed as Nik Glyndwr dressed as Dominique Corbeau dressed kinda like Morpheus from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. (Better him than me, y’know?)

I like the second photo better; he has a What have I gotten myself into? look on his face. (I know the feeling.) And yeah, I know it would have been a bit better if he’d been standing on a burnt-orange arm-chair, but we don’t have one of those anymore.

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