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Writing Glitch #865

Today’s second glitch: Change the comma after invented to a period. *sigh* A sword is a blade, kids. Add other after and in the second sentence to show that you’re not saying swords and blades are separate categories. That takes … Continue reading

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A Long-Awaited Post About Writing Immortal Characters

Since a “scholarly” approach doesn’t work — I’ve tried many times, and the words disappear as soon as I attempt to put them in order — I’m just going to share my thoughts on this topic, slightly haphazardly, as they … Continue reading

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Cool Stuff from the Archives

…Otherwise known as recycled/repurposed blog posts that you may have missed. Read this article titled “Bad Writing: Good for Laughs and Learning.” “Most of the ‘bad writing’ […] can be attributed to spell check errors and/or poor sentence structure, but … Continue reading

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An acquired skill

Look! I’m blogging about dramatic irony, and it’s only Monday.  🙂 You know what’s awkward about dramatic irony?  For the author, I mean — all sorts of things about it are awkward for the characters. The awkward thing about writing … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he gets to announce a really good SF novel.

I’ll keep this short so I don’t geek out too much. The novel that I was editing earlier this spring, the one that I couldn’t talk about because the author asked that I not so much as mention the characters by name … Continue reading

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X is for xeno-anthropology. …And what the heck is that, anyway? First, we’ve got the term that gets used every day in the world as we know it: anthropology, the study of humankind. In the United States, there are four … Continue reading

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It often seen as the one thing that absolutely divides fantasy from science fiction.  On the other hand it is, if sufficiently advanced, indistinguishable from technology — or is that the other way around?  🙂 M is for magic. I’m not … Continue reading

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“High-five, turtle!”

I always liked that quote anyway, even before I had a use for it.  (If you ever watched the television series Heroes, you may recognize it:  Matt Parkman talking to – you guessed it – a turtle.  Context is irrelevant; it’s funny … Continue reading

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