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If you volunteered to beta read…

If you volunteered to beta read Project Brimstone, I need your email address so I can send you a PDF (also readable on Kindle, in case you’re wondering) of the novel. Email me: thomasweaver (at) zoho (dot) com.  

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A Call for Beta Readers

We’ll be needing beta readers soon. Yes, that’s right: beta readers, plural. We’ve decided it’s not fair to LR to make him shoulder the responsibility alone. Also, we want to know how readers unfamiliar with the author’s other works will react to … Continue reading

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So I heard back from LR today about my clone’s novel…

He’d read the previous novels, of course, so he had some idea of what to expect, but this one is… different: all that and a “burly brawl” in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Disney World! 🙂 LR told me today that he has finished reading … Continue reading

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A bit late for nerves…

Yesterday, LR sent me an email letting me know that he was about 20 percent of the way through The Madness Engine. That’s good to know: he got through the opening sequence without throwing the book across the room and exclaiming, “What … Continue reading

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It never rains…

Over the weekend, I finished alpha-reading a science fiction novel.  Alpha-reading is… different.  The manuscript was quite clean, but I still had to fight to keep myself from commenting on the handful of minor punctuation glitches or making an occasional joke … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the Care and Feeding of Beta Readers

A beta reader can be the proofreader who doesn’t charge you for the service (or only requires cranberry oatmeal cookies as payment), or the person who keeps you motivated by always asking for more story, or the audience you have … Continue reading

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