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Writing updates: “fun” with backstory revision. (Argh!)

Some awesome/weird things happening lately in The Adventures of a Sci-Fi Author and His Copyeditor Brother… 🙂 It has already become a running joke between us: “So… about serial immortality.” Y’see, we started to have a conversation about this topic … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he shares a link to a post about writing SECRETS.

First, here’s a link to the other blogger’s post. It’s all about how and why to write secrets for your fictional people. And now, my brief comments on it: Oh, the metaphors…! “In some genres this baggage may be carry-on … Continue reading

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Origin stories… or stories’ origins, at least.

While looking through old computer files on Monday, Paul discovered five unpublished short stories about Hrothgar Tebrey: stuff he wrote for fun, back when we were both hanging out with a writers’ group in a city back east. I’m pretty … Continue reading

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(show of hands)

On Wednesday, my clone-sibling told me about his idea for another series of novels, these a spin-off (stop it, brain! no spinning!) of the current series (the one beginning with The Remnant). Apparently someone didn’t take Geoffrey’s (out-of-story) advice to … Continue reading

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(method acting/writing)

This one is mostly sort of a stream-of-consciousness mini-blather in response to some not-important (but slightly amusing, at least for me) thing that happened… Typed it up in (*looks up original date*) the middle of January. Sharing it now because … Continue reading

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Fan Art Goes “Boink” :-)

By request (sort of) here’s another Calvin and Hobbes mash-up of Tebrey and Hunter, characters from my twin’s novels. This time, the kid and his tiger are re-enacting a scene from chapter seventeen of The Remnant. (Brief explanation for those … Continue reading

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Updates: the beginning of March, 2019

Heard from one of our remaining beta readers yesterday morning. It seems that he’s demanding art as a bribe, or else he won’t send his replies to our questions about the manuscript… *wicked laughter* Little does he know that I … Continue reading

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