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too many changes, too quickly

Maybe I should stop even attempting to do my job as He Who Tracks Changes in Others’ Backstory… A few days ago, I was informed of the possibility — likelihood, even — of there having been a fourth person in … Continue reading

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“Who knows what weirdness lurks in the minds of fiction writers…?”

Just about the first thing my twin said to me today was, “I had a weird dream last night. Some sort of combination of Avengers and a spy thriller” [at this point, I was still thinking, It could just be … Continue reading

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beta reading = science experiment?

Human testing has commenced… 🙂 All beta readers have received copies of The Sleeping and the Dead. Hopefully, that means they’ve all started reading it. Now… we wait. There’s no hurry, though. If they get back to us before the … Continue reading

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Duck, duck, duck, red herring.

Is it weird that I had fun editing this latest manuscript? “We don’t believe you, Weaver. No human has ever enjoyed editing.” So what’s your point…? 🙂 It’s been only about a week since I handed the manuscript back to … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he discusses the next book(s)…

I wrote the first part of this post while Paul was still working on the The Sleeping and the Dead… I’m typing this partly to help me remember, because that’s my job: to remember the story ideas my clone-sibling comes … Continue reading

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Thoughts, observations, and a rant or two… plus something about how my clone-sibling’s novel is going

I’m not sure why I’m thinking of this now… Probably something to do with the start of “cedar fever” season in this part of the country. (Or maybe it’s Jon’s fault — you know how fictional people can be sometimes.) … Continue reading

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Spoiler: Lt. Close dies in book four.

Made ya look, didn’t I? *wicked grin* No, to the best of my knowledge, the author has no plans to kill off Lt. Close in this or any novel. (Although, should the person after whom this character is named want … Continue reading

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