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Just letting you know…

I have begun editing The Madness Engine, so I won’t be online much for a few days.

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Fake Coffee and Apple Pie — the sequel

It seems that Murphy, God of Strange Coincidence and Chaos-for-Your-Own-Damn-Good, thinks I ought to be working on “that novel” today.  Or repairing the faded paint on the t-shirt my clone-sibling brought back for me from Meteor Crater, Arizona, several years … Continue reading

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The Fates of Worlds — Science Fiction Authors Supporting Literacy

I am pleased to announce The Fates of Worlds, a “boxed set” of 7 full-length science fiction novels in digital format for a mere $1.99.  All royalties go to Reading Is Fundamental to promote literacy.  Currently available for preorder, The Fates of Worlds goes on sale on September … Continue reading

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Latest blatherings about writing projects from Weaver and his clone

A few weeks ago, I saw a comment on a discussion board about science fiction and fantasy stating that  readers always prefer stories with protagonists who look like themselves. I can think of only two protagonists from novels I’ve read … Continue reading

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cover art teaser: The Fallen

This is a close-up detail of the cover art for The Fallen, a science fiction novel by Paul B. Spence.  The novel (e-book and paperback) is scheduled for release in early August. …Just wanted to share this with everyone.  🙂

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Sometimes, he gets to announce a really good SF novel.

I’ll keep this short so I don’t geek out too much. The novel that I was editing earlier this spring, the one that I couldn’t talk about because the author asked that I not so much as mention the characters by name … Continue reading

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Pics or it doesn’t exist

I had considered saving this topic for the A-Z Blog Blitz next month, since it does sort of relate to my writing:  F is for fibromyalgia, otherwise known as “Why Weaver is a lazy-ass bastard who makes a ‘living’ as … Continue reading

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