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…more popular than “populace”…

(Alternative title: “Sometimes, he has many, many complaints about a novel and some concerns about reviewing it.”) Remember when, several weeks ago, I shared a short poem by Robert Frost, along with an explanation of the difference between populous and … Continue reading

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Linking Verbs Are NOT Passive Voice.

Say it loudly for the people in the back: Linking verbs are not passive voice. (Someone on Facebook posted a ridiculous declaration about grammar, so I’m ridiculing it. Besides, the spreading of misinformation annoys the hell out of me, and somebody … Continue reading

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Think about this, folks…

Not to mention how using the word in such a way diminishes the original, real meaning, turning it into a mere synonym for ‘person who has strong views I don’t agree with.’

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A birthday both real and ficitonal, plus mini-rants about science and grammar.

Birthday: Y’know how I always say something about birthdays of my “imaginary friends”? Well, tomorrow (June 1) is Hrothgar Tebrey’s birthday. Also his author’s birthday, although obviously they weren’t born in the same year. Or on the same planet. Science … Continue reading

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link: “50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice”

You may want to save it for after you read today’s “Writing Glitch” post, giving your brain a moment to warm up, so to speak, but here’s a mild-mannered and scholarly (but not too scholarly or too mild-mannered) rant against … Continue reading

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“Grammer Dont Matter”?

(This post could have been titled “Sometimes, he has to tell someone off for being deliberately, unspeakably stupid.”) Warning: contains metaphors, sarcasm, and cussing. Also contains logic. Read at your own risk. I find it both disheartening and immensely annoying … Continue reading

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A Superpower With No Off-Switch

In the past few months, I’ve tried to read a few dozen novels. Most of those novels contained so many errors that I stopped reading. Aside from one I read because the author asked me to, the furthest I made it through … Continue reading

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