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Grammar Advice

Grammar advice for the day: Renown is not a verb. Once is a typo; three or more is someone — author or copyeditor, although it matters not to the reader who made the mistake — not knowing the [expletive deleted] … Continue reading

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An observation…

Have you noticed that many online “writing experts” who don’t use correct/standard grammar and punctuation in their own articles/blog posts/”advice to writers that want to write good” also insist that real people don’t use correct/standard grammar in speech? That’s why, … Continue reading

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BadGramma’s all-natural revenge extract :-)

Just a bit of grammar humor here… inspired by the bad grammar in a couple of lines from a movie I really liked. (Yes, it’s true: I can’t even watch a superhero movie without flinching inwardly when someone uses blatantly … Continue reading

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…and then the source of “glitches” dried up.

I’ve mentioned that I like to use Pinterest to find examples for my “Writing Glitch” posts, right? Well, that source is no longer an option: I don’t know why, but Pinterest has been, for the last few months, throwing a … Continue reading

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Of straw men, lawn gnomes, and reality.

Straw man: (noun) An intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument. (Did you get that? It’ll be on the test later.) I keep running into variations on this particular … Continue reading

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“The pen is as much a butcher’s tool/As ever was the blade…”

If someone posts something on a blog/website that’s open for anyone and everyone to read, it’s okay to have an opinion about what’s on that blog/website, right? (That’s your early warning: Weaver is on a rampage again; he’s annoyed about … Continue reading

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“I Wish I Would Have Known…”

“I wish I would have known…” Think about this for a moment, friends. It doesn’t matter what the speaker/writer wishes they’d known, because the beginning of the sentence makes the whole thing nonsense. I see it frequently online and in … Continue reading

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…more popular than “populace”…

(Alternative title: “Sometimes, he has many, many complaints about a novel and some concerns about reviewing it.”) Remember when, several weeks ago, I shared a short poem by Robert Frost, along with an explanation of the difference between populous and … Continue reading

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Linking Verbs Are NOT Passive Voice.

Say it loudly for the people in the back:┬áLinking verbs are not passive voice. (Someone on Facebook posted a ridiculous declaration about grammar, so I’m ridiculing it. Besides, the spreading of misinformation annoys the hell out of me, and somebody … Continue reading

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Think about this, folks…

Not to mention how using the word in such a way diminishes the original, real meaning, turning it into a mere synonym for ‘person who has strong views I don’t agree with.’

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