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Don’t just take MY word for it…

If you want more grammar ninja moves than my daily “Writing Glitch” posts provide, or if you want to learn about other aspects of writing fiction, here are a few blogs you should look at. The blogger at Terribly Write … Continue reading

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updates with numbers

My clone-sibling tells me he’s now at about 25K words for The Madness Engine, the sequel to The Fallen (and book three in the series).  We are now even more into the ‘juggling multiple story-lines’ stage of writing, because secondary characters in this … Continue reading


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On John DeNardo’s blog post, “Demystifying Science Fictional Terms, Part 4″… (Read his blog here: http://www.kirkusreviews.com/blog/science-fiction-and-fantasy/demystifying-science-fictional-terms-reading-recom/) “Mumbo-jumbo”? “Hard-to-understand”?  Do people truly not know this stuff already?  Do people who read science fiction at all actually not know what the word clone … Continue reading

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Yeah, what she said…

A few days ago, I had the great fortune to happen upon a blog post that explains incredibly well some things that I have been trying to explain to people for years, and explains those things far better than I could even … Continue reading

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