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What’s the matter — you want to live forever?

I was just about to start on a new blog post (opening sentence:  Jason Grey has no idea how lucky he is to be a normal…) when a post titled “What’s Wrong With Immortality?” showed up in my WordPress reader. Definitely … Continue reading

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Fake Coffee and Apple Pie — the sequel

It seems that Murphy, God of Strange Coincidence and Chaos-for-Your-Own-Damn-Good, thinks I ought to be working on “that novel” today.  Or repairing the faded paint on the t-shirt my clone-sibling brought back for me from Meteor Crater, Arizona, several years … Continue reading

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fan art, meta-fiction, and other things

Cute and cuddly… neo-panther? This picture is someone’s lighthearted fan art of Hunter and Tebrey, characters from my twin’s science fiction novels (The Remnant and The Fallen — book 3 is being written now).  And look, bear-Tebrey has red hair and … Continue reading

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The changes that happen while no one is looking…

Yesterday I read an interesting sentence in a good sci-fi story:  Not being able to do anything but watch and wait until the universal backstory straightened itself out… (That’s from “Just Another Day in the Butterfly War,” by M. Todd Gallowglas … Continue reading

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Introspection, which DOES happen while writing

Pinterest keeps sending me suggestions for pins of woodworking projects.  Sometimes, I find this funny:  Is even Pinterest prone to confusing me with my characters?  🙂  (OTOH, it is totally useless when it comes to finding images of old Victorian … Continue reading

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manipulating one’s own paranoia for fun and profit

Judge the writing by the writing, not by what you know — or think you know — about the writer. How long have I been saying that now? At least since I first joined a peer-review site and decided that … Continue reading

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