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Sometimes, his clone-sibling needs beta readers for a novel…!

The official announcement can be found on the author’s blog. The first draft is finished. I’ll begin a round of copyediting next week. After that, we need beta readers — as many as we can get. If you think you … Continue reading

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Writing and Real Life in the Middle of May

My clone-sibling spent part of this morning working on his current WIP (the novel formerly known as Stars’ End) and has informed me that he’s on chapter twenty now. That’s roughly forty percent of the way through what he has … Continue reading

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They don’t tell US everything, either.

If you don’t fill in every detail of a character’s background before you start writing the story, those empty spaces may later become filled with details you didn’t expect at all. This is one of the most enjoyable things about writing fiction. This … Continue reading

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Expect the f-bomb.

(Needless to say, this particular post is not even remotely safe for work.) Have you ever seen an Amazon review on, say, a military thriller in which the reviewer complains about the novel containing “the f-bomb,” as if it were … Continue reading

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In case you’re wondering about that character name…

These are the characters I interviewed for this year’s A-to-Z Challenge. Take a look at the list and see if any name stands out as a potential problem: Alandra Kade Joseph Brennen Marleah Carlisle Deegan Em Nicholas Ferrier Geoffrey Meeks Hunter Ianthe … Continue reading

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Character’s name dilemma: what would you do?

The surname for one of my novel’s protagonists has recently become strongly associated (for many people, at least) with things I find reprehensible. Actually, reprehensible may be too mild a word… I fought for years against all pressure to change this character’s name, … Continue reading

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So I heard back from LR today about my clone’s novel…

He’d read the previous novels, of course, so he had some idea of what to expect, but this one is… different: all that and a “burly brawl” in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Disney World! 🙂 LR told me today that he has finished reading … Continue reading

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