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Sometimes, his housecat tries cosplay. :-)

If you know cats, you know how difficult it usually is to get them to try cosplay…  Anyway, finally, here are a couple of photos of one of my cats in “costume.” Last time, Doodle dressed as Hunter Tebrey, which … Continue reading

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bits and pieces: late October update

I’m somewhat disappointed that WordPress decided to send me a ‘Happy Blogging Anniversary’ message a day early this year. It’s the “Thanks for flying with us” part that would have made it funny (in a twisted sort of way), this … Continue reading

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Weird humor… and even MORE weird humor.

Back in late autumn, after a meeting of the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, one of Grace’s friends said something about the difficulty of driving a car while wearing Renaissance-style clothing. “How did they manage it?” her … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he reblogs a short story.

Today, blogger Michael Seidel has a wonderful short story that you all need to read, especially if you understand the references in some of my weird humor. The title of the short story is “In the Cards.” (Don’t think you can guess the whole story … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he repurposes a quote from a sapient egg.

One of the things that makes me so good (and modest about it, too!) at editing science fiction/fantasy is that I have a brain full of “trivia” which often turns out to be useful and relevant to whatever I’m editing. … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he shares fragments of story.

I am allowed to take breaks periodically, you know… In order to keep my brain fresh for copyediting someone else’s military sci-fi, I need to pause every now and then for a few minutes and read… something that isn’t military sci-fi … Continue reading

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Cancelling the Apocalypse

I’ll admit it: I typed nearly all of this post last year, back in August. Here we are on this lovely first day of March, 2017, and it’s a lovely day because it’s March, 2017, and the world is still here. Being … Continue reading

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