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Sometimes, he attempts (and fails, probably) to explain “the editing process” as he knows it.

Have you ever experienced difficulty explaining to others how to do something you’re particularly good at? I’ve been asked to write an article on “the editing process,” and I don’t know what to say. Other than a basic overview of … Continue reading

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Writing Glitch 1043

Today’s glitch: At the least, you should delete the second as from the first sentence. You may even want to delete either we or humans. Change the hyphens to dashes or just replace them with commas. It be is no … Continue reading

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Writing Glitch 1041

Today’s glitch: How it ought to look: You find a stranger almost dead in an alley. You start to call 9-1-1, but before they pass out, they beg you not to, so you take them home and patch them up … Continue reading

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Images from the (nonexistent) ‘Illustrated Guide to Characters from Paul. B. Spence’s Sci-Fi Novels.’

  Tired of posts about grammar? Yeah, I thought so. I am, too. Would you like a post about art instead? That could be fun… I kinda want to say something about discussing art while we wait for the next … Continue reading

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“…and name him George.”

Got a reply from another beta reader on Saturday. This person is not familiar with the previous books in the series (but said they now want to go back and read ’em), so their feedback lets us see where a … Continue reading

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“Who knows what weirdness lurks in the minds of fiction writers…?”

Just about the first thing my twin said to me today was, “I had a weird dream last night. Some sort of combination of Avengers and a spy thriller” [at this point, I was still thinking, It could just be … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, in the Land of Enchantment…

Y’know how some movie quotes are so… adaptable? Like, they can either be used as-is or, with only minor changes, be warped into whatever a situation calls for? The following is derived from a bit of dialogue in the movie … Continue reading

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