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Cats, editing, and my clone-sibling’s new armor

So there I was this morning, making coffee in the kitchen, when the kitten came running into the room, dragging a full-size bath towel… “Logan, what are you doing?” “Boo-boo!” he meowed. Flop. Flip. Purrrrr…. Cats are so weird. Isn’t … Continue reading

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Anything that can go weirdly, will. Especially copyediting fiction. Especially if the copyeditor is the author’s clone-sibling.

This is how it went, back near the beginning of the month: Needed to take a break from editing. Decided to listen to music. First song to come up was… “Eye in the Sky,” by The Alan Parsons Project. I … Continue reading

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Not exactly the Olympic Games…

(Sometimes, irony not only catches fire but then floats up into the sky and drifts away…) I’ll just give you the short(ish) version: A few people in the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) decided they wanted … Continue reading

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The latest report from “Tulgeywood”

I typed part of this back in earliest July. For those of you who are missing the “kitten updates” posts and such, at least this one is (mostly) about kitties. About the title of this post: Paul has┬ástarted addressing Smudge … Continue reading

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If I ever became an Anachronist…

A few times, after I’ve mentioned that my twin is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, someone has asked me why I’m not. I usually say something along the lines of, ‘Can you imagine their reaction if they … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he attempts (and fails, probably) to explain “the editing process” as he knows it.

Have you ever experienced difficulty explaining to others how to do something you’re particularly good at? I’ve been asked to write an article on “the editing process,” and I don’t know what to say. Other than a basic overview of … Continue reading

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Writing Glitch 1043

Today’s glitch: At the least, you should delete the second as from the first sentence. You may even want to delete either we or humans. Change the hyphens to dashes or just replace them with commas. It be is no … Continue reading

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