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How the Writing Is Going: January 13, 2023

But first, kitten pictures! That’s Soot Sprite (Sprite, for short), the new kitten. She’s older than she looks; she’s just tiny. It doesn’t show well in this photo due to the lighting, but she’s a black tabby with white/pale grey … Continue reading


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FREE sci-fi novel, plus a bit about WIPs.

Last week, I got to read about twenty thousand words of my clone-sibling’s WIP (well, one of them: he’s working on three different novels right now), the sequel to Project Brimstone (working title, Stormriders). And I gotta tell you, anyone … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he discusses the next book(s)…

I wrote the first part of this post while Paul was still working on the The Sleeping and the Dead… I’m typing this partly to help me remember, because that’s my job: to remember the story ideas my clone-sibling comes … Continue reading

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Writing updates: the end of March

News for those of you who’ve been waiting for Stars’ End: First, it almost certainly won’t be titled Stars’ End. Second, it will be the next-to-last book in this series, which means you’ll get a fifth book, too, eventually. Third, … Continue reading

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Sometimes, a WIP ties his brain in knots.

[I wrote this months ago, while I was still struggling with expanding the fragment that eventually became the short story “Solitude.” I think the story turned out okay, but I don’t know what readers think of it, because I can’t … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he has updates about novels-in-progress.

The reason yesterday’s “Writing Glitch” post was so late is that I didn’t have access to the computer until evening; my clone was using it to work on the next (fourth) Tebrey novel. Just thought you’d want to know that. … Continue reading

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Want to read “Solitude” early?

Want to read “Solitude” before the first of May? Sign up for Paul’s newsletter (there’s a sign-up in the sidebar on his author page), and receive a PDF of this short story. This story bridges a gap between The Fallen (the second … Continue reading

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We have cover art for the short story, too.

No, you’re not imagining things. That is my name on the cover of a book, even though I said more than once that it would never happen. The really surprising thing is that I’m still not having an anxiety attack … Continue reading

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Short story is FINISHED, and other writing stuff

The revisions still need to be read and approved by the coauthor, but I think I’m finally finished with that short story I’ve been struggling with — the one that’s a tie-in of sorts for Project Brimstone. We’ll probably offer it as a … Continue reading

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Project Brimstone: cover art and release date

We have a release date! And cover art…   Project Brimstone is available for preorder on Amazon. Release date is May 1, 2017. Here’s the back-cover blurb: Major John Michael Harrison, USSOCOM, discovers a dark secret: an invasion from another … Continue reading

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