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First review of The Sleeping and the Dead… at long last.

First Amazon review of Paul’s most recent sci-fi novel, The Sleeping and the Dead: There’s a lot going on in this series at this point. This universe, or the Tebreyverse as I like to call it, has expanded in epic … Continue reading

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…more popular than “populace”…

(Alternative title: “Sometimes, he has many, many complaints about a novel and some concerns about reviewing it.”) Remember when, several weeks ago, I shared a short poem by Robert Frost, along with an explanation of the difference between populous and … Continue reading

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Review: Gemini, by Randy Eberle

I read half of it, and that’s more than enough. Here’s my halfway-through-the-book review: The writing is so awkward and bland that even scenes such as the particularly ugly violence in the first chapter fail to have any emotional impact. … Continue reading

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Review: Unveiled, by A. D. Trosper

After a young woman’s mother dies, she finds out her absent father is an angel, and then she is contacted by reapers who tell her that she’s to learn how to be one of them and lead souls to their … Continue reading

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Review: The Immorality Clause, by Brian Parker

Given the subject matter (the “inciting incident” is the murder of a customer at a sex-bot brothel), I was surprised and pleased by the lack of gratuitous detail in certain scenes. Only once is there a “graphic sex scene” (a … Continue reading

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Should authors write book reviews?

Some people say writers shouldn’t review books (because reasons), but I’ve also heard it said that non-writers shouldn’t review books: “I’m not a writer. I don’t even know how to write a book, so I’m not qualified to say whether … Continue reading

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Really, really short “reviews”: Dead Boys and City of Stairs

I have recently finished reading both Gabriel Squailia’s Dead Boys and Robert Jackson Bennett’s City of Stairs. They’re well-written. The characters are interesting and very relatable, the plots are complex without being confusing, and the settings are amazing. Worldbuilding without info-dumping — … Continue reading

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