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You want to pay them WHAT?

Indie writers aren’t rich. They don’t have money to spend frivolously. When someone online tells them they shouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars (or more!) to have their writing professionally edited, they want that to be true: Who do those people … Continue reading


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Sometimes, he realizes it’s better to quit and try again later.

Tried to write a blog post in response to an article about ‘the only way to write a realistic female character.’ Got angry, went on a tangent, lost focus… Tried to write a blog post in response to someone’s comment … Continue reading

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Why fact-checking is unnecessary when writing fantasy fiction

It’s all made up, right? Even more so than science fiction, the readers of which sometimes demand a littleĀ bit of scientific plausibility here and there, fantasy is the product of the author’s imagination, andĀ therefore there is no reason to worry … Continue reading

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