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Writing Glitch #567

Today’s first glitch: First of all, this is bullshit, factually wrong in so many ways… Second, the grammar and punctuation are incorrect. In the second sentence, change is to are. You should also add a comma after strength. While you’re … Continue reading

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A weird case of mistaken identity…

I seem to have been mistaken for someone else. Y’see, there’s an anthropologist named Thomas Weaver. And I’d been reading a few anthropology papers online in recent months, just because I find such things interesting. And a couple of people … Continue reading

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Sometimes, his clone blogs about star travel in sci-fi novels.

A couple of days ago, I received a new manuscript, more than one hundred thirty thousand words long, that needs to be completely edited in under two weeks, so until it’s done, I probably won’t be blogging, other than my … Continue reading

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A birthday both real and ficitonal, plus mini-rants about science and grammar.

Birthday: Y’know how I always say something about birthdays of my “imaginary friends”? Well, tomorrow (June 1) is Hrothgar Tebrey’s birthday. Also his author’s birthday, although obviously they weren’t born in the same year. Or on the same planet. Science … Continue reading

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Bonus “glitch” (a.k.a. “What Is This Nonsense?”)

Look at that again. Plants… The stars are plants, it says. *facepalm* This has to be just a typo. It has to be, even though it appears twice in a single sentence. There’s a grammatical error, too. Change have to … Continue reading

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Sometimes, his clone-sibling blogs about archaeology in science ficiton.

Science fiction is all about the future… except when it isn’t. Sometimes, science fiction deals with what we may call the deep past, either our own or that of some alien species whose culture grew, thrived, and eventually faded (or … Continue reading

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Writing Glitch #400

Today’s glitch: Spell out numbers (years are an exception to this, by the way) instead of using numerals: two hundred (NOT two-hundred) instead of 200. Population, although referring to a group, is a singular noun (just one group, not more … Continue reading

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