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Writing updates: the end of March

News for those of you who’ve been waiting for Stars’ End: First, it almost certainly won’t be titled Stars’ End. Second, it will be the next-to-last book in this series, which means you’ll get a fifth book, too, eventually. Third, … Continue reading


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Updates about Real Life and the WIP.

Yes, it was the flu. First time I’ve had it in many years. I’m not entirely recovered yet, but that’s mostly because I also have seasonal allergies (which, depending on whom you ask, is either quite common around here or … Continue reading

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Sometimes, his clone has a new blog post.

It’s a short post, but it is an official update on the progress for Stars’ End. (90K words and growing! *does happy dance*)    

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Update: the halfway-through-the-WIP report

There will be an official post about this sometime on Paul’s blog, but I’m impatient, and I want to tell you all my thoughts on how the story is going. Yes, all of them. Or at least all of them … Continue reading

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Not enough coffee in the WORLD for this…

My clone-sibling usually comes home from work during his lunch break. Today, while we were talking about his latest WIP, the conversation shifted to discussion of novels that will be written after this one… He told me he thinks most … Continue reading

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