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Sometimes, he blogs a stream-of-consciousness sort of thing.

What would you do if you found out one of your favorite fictional people was on Twitter today?  (I’ve seen someone on Twitter who’s named after one of my favorite fictional people… That was startling, the first time it happened, … Continue reading

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More of Weaver’s weird sense of humor — now with book quotes!

First, a bit of blathering about other stuff, to make sure the things I’m quoting don’t show up in the Facebook ‘preview’ after I post this… That would be embarrassing.  Not that there’s much chance of the Facebook friend of a Facebook friend noticing, but … Continue reading

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WIP update, plus dramatic irony and television and stuff

I love watching a story be grown, or built, or drawn, or whatever metaphor you prefer to indicate something new being created. Yesterday my clone-sibling read to me a couple of chapters from his WIP sci-fi novel.  Good stuff there, even in … Continue reading

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