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“Realistic” Characters of Whatever Age: Maybe We’re Writing Them… Inaccurately.

A post from Luther M. Siler about tattoos, technology, and how the generations view each other made me think of this… It’s something I saw on television: A man is arguing with his son about music. He doesn’t understand or … Continue reading

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Some things are more difficult to research than others…

One upon a time, I found myself having to give a friend some awkward advice about writing:  virgins shouldn’t write sex scenes.  (For this, virgin means someone who has never had any sexual experience whatsoever with another person nor even … Continue reading


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Learning to Write, and the Law of ‘Write What You Know’

A friend at university (he was a university student — I had graduated from a different school a couple of years before and just hung out at the student center because it was the only place in the whole frakkin’ … Continue reading

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