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Missing the Point

Someone read this post a couple of weeks ago and apparently took great offense at the phrase ‘passing for human.’ Said it was racist and ableist… I understand how it could be either/both of those things, in a totally different … Continue reading

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Sometimes, just for the hell of it, he makes fun of spammers.

Yeah, I was bored, and there were all these funny/bizarre spam comments left on my blog… (Necessary disclaimer, ’cause some people choose to be idjits: No, I’m not making fun of people whose grammar is less than perfect; I don’t … Continue reading

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Perhaps the best response to spammers is to laugh at them.

What do you think? Is it okay to make fun of spammers who leave ridiculous comments on one’s blog? ‘Cause I could do that — they’ve given me so much to work with… Sample: “Ave Betty, in the beginning a … Continue reading

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Asking for a (fictional) friend…

Seriously, what do you think? Yes, this is another “Who knows what weirdness lurks in the minds of sci-fi writers?” situation. Characters will probably be arguing about it for a long time… but I want to know if you, O … Continue reading

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Of straw men, lawn gnomes, and reality.

Straw man: (noun) An intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument. (Did you get that? It’ll be on the test later.) I keep running into variations on this particular … Continue reading

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Writing Glitch 1075

Today’s glitch: Um… You do know Walt died in 1966, right? My brain hurts now… Nevertheless, I’ll make an effort to force some sense into this example. Because it is used as a compound adjective (modifying contract), one-year should be hyphenated. … Continue reading

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Tirade Redux

The first part of this is copied from an older post (which you can find here). Sorry, but I’m going to have to use figurative language in this one (which is sort of important to a point I’m trying to … Continue reading

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