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A weird case of mistaken identity…

I seem to have been mistaken for someone else. Y’see, there’s an anthropologist named Thomas Weaver. And I’d been reading a few anthropology papers online in recent months, just because I find such things interesting. And a couple of people … Continue reading

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Stupid concept: ‘How you write a sentence depends on your lung capacity.’

Perhaps the biggest lie anyone has ever told you about commas is that they represent breaths. “Add a comma anywhere you pause to breathe,” is bad advice I see a lot from online “writing experts” and others. I saw it … Continue reading

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a bonus “writing glitch” of sorts

This isn’t an official “Writing Glitch” post, but I saw something online that I just had to share with you so you, too, could have a WTF??? reaction to it. I am not here to remedy anyone’s botanical ignorance… but … Continue reading

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“Grammer Dont Matter”?

(This post could have been titled “Sometimes, he has to tell someone off for being deliberately, unspeakably stupid.”) Warning: contains metaphors, sarcasm, and cussing. Also contains logic. Read at your own risk. I find it both disheartening and immensely annoying … Continue reading

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Writing the ‘Realistic Female Character’

This post probably merits a Harsh Sarcasm Ahead warning label all on its own. Also, there will be a lot of asides and tangents. (Sometimes my brain works that way. Unless you’re new here, you already know that.) It still … Continue reading

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Cancelling the Apocalypse

I’ll admit it: I typed nearly all of this post last year, back in August. Here we are on this lovely first day of March, 2017, and it’s a lovely day because it’s March, 2017, and the world is still here. Being … Continue reading

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More Bad Advice to Writers Leads to More Bloggish Outrage

One more “this is why we can’t have nice things” post to end the year… There’s a “writing advice” site I found through a reblog from someone I follow. I’m not going to tell you whose blog it was, because I … Continue reading

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