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“Passive voice” does not mean “negative statement,” either.

In anthropology, they’re called post-processualists. I’m sure they’re called something else in discussions of literature, but the mindset is the same: “This is factually true because this is how I feel about it.” (If you’re a sci-fi nerd like me, … Continue reading


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Action isn’t synonymous with active voice.

Advice to writers and other “word nerds”: There’s a difference between active voice and action. It is possible (trust me — I’ve seen it) to use passive voice to write a scene that’s all noise and commotion and ninjas on … Continue reading

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It is raining… by zombies?

Have you heard of the “zombie test” for determining whether a sentence contains passive voice? It goes something like this: if you can add by zombies after the verb and have the sentence make grammatical sense, the verb is passive. … Continue reading

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