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My clone-sibling’s next book will be in HARDCOVER.

This summer, my twin has a book coming out in hardcover. Please note that I said book, by the way, not novel; this isn’t a work of fiction. Here’s a sneak-peek mockup of the cover: The author’s name and the … Continue reading

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Birds, Books, and “Punk Rock Girl”

Admit it: you’d soon miss ’em if I ever just stopped posting these blathers on various strange topics. 🙂  So here’s the latest glimpse into what goes on in my mind: A pair of barn swallows (they’re adorable) built a … Continue reading

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Writing and Real Life in the Middle of May

My clone-sibling spent part of this morning working on his current WIP (the novel formerly known as Stars’ End) and has informed me that he’s on chapter twenty now. That’s roughly forty percent of the way through what he has … Continue reading

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At long last…

My clone-sibling is giving his thesis defense this afternoon!  

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“Captain Jack Sparrow is made of antimatter,” and other observations.

Yesterday my clone-sibling and I were discussing one of his co-workers, someone who is supposedly a sci-fi fan and yet had literally never heard of antimatter before. (So of course Paul had to tell him about the antimatter in bananas…) … Continue reading

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Sometimes, his clone-sibling takes a selfie.

Hardly news, of course, except for the fact that he doesn’t do it very often. On the other hand, I’d been telling him for a while that he needed a new author photo… So, for people who were disappointed that … Continue reading

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And now… a photo of the “Trust me” t-shirt

I’m not saying this is my single most-favorite (One True Favorite Quote, of which all others… 🙂 ) quote from anything by Roger Zelazny, but it is the only one that’s on a t-shirt. I bought this shirt for my … Continue reading

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