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link: “Archaeology in Science Fiction, Part 2”

Today, Paul has part two of his “Archaeology in Science Fiction” post, which focuses on screen sci-fi rather than on written works.   Advertisements

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Sometimes, his clone-sibling blogs about archaeology in science ficiton.

Science fiction is all about the future… except when it isn’t. Sometimes, science fiction deals with what we may call the deep past, either our own or that of some alien species whose culture grew, thrived, and eventually faded (or … Continue reading

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An acquired skill

Look! I’m blogging about dramatic irony, and it’s only Monday.  🙂 You know what’s awkward about dramatic irony?  For the author, I mean — all sorts of things about it are awkward for the characters. The awkward thing about writing … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he gets to announce a really good SF novel.

I’ll keep this short so I don’t geek out too much. The novel that I was editing earlier this spring, the one that I couldn’t talk about because the author asked that I not so much as mention the characters by name … Continue reading

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