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It Bears Repeating…

It’s been one of those days, so I thought I’d remind a few people of something important… As someone else said, “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.” Yeah, I often attempt to ‘remedy … Continue reading

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Writing Glitch #865

Today’s second glitch: Change the comma after invented to a period. *sigh* A sword is a blade, kids. Add other after and in the second sentence to show that you’re not saying swords and blades are separate categories. That takes … Continue reading

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A unicorn is not a gryphon, and precognition is not empathy.

At its core, this post is about the importance of fiction writers using correct/accurate terms for things in their stories, even things that everyone knows are imaginary/not real. Several days ago on a Facebook group, there was a discussion about … Continue reading

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Villains’ motivations in fiction: reason or “justification”?

I could have called this reblog “Sometimes, he shares a post saying what he’s wanted to say for years but hasn’t been able to express succinctly.” From “Stop Fondling Evil,” by Sarah A. Hoyt: “When I was a very young … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he shares a polite(ish) rant about editing.

Today, Cait Reynolds, as a guest on Kristen Lamb’s blog, has an excellent post about five things editors hate. “The National Association of Recovering Freelancers* put out a study that said four out of five freelance editors suffer a nervous … Continue reading

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“I Wish I Would Have Known…”

“I wish I would have known…” Think about this for a moment, friends. It doesn’t matter what the speaker/writer wishes they’d known, because the beginning of the sentence makes the whole thing nonsense. I see it frequently online and in … Continue reading

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How the WRONG Copyeditor Can Make a Mess of Your Manuscript: part 2

Back for more, are you? Is it horrified fascination that brings you here, or are you hoping to learn a bit about what can go very, very badly if an author chooses the wrong (not competent, not familiar with the … Continue reading

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