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No More “Glitches” for a While (with long and tirade-y explanation including things that aren’t grammar-related)

Sorry, but I’m going to have to use figurative language in this one (which is sort of important to a point I’m trying to make)…  This is how it’s supposed to work:  You believe something such as All cats hate … Continue reading

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Bonus “glitch” (a.k.a. “What Is This Nonsense?”)

Look at that again. Plants… The stars are plants, it says. *facepalm* This has to be just a typo. It has to be, even though it appears twice in a single sentence. There’s a grammatical error, too. Change have to … Continue reading

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link: “50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice”

You may want to save it for after you read today’s “Writing Glitch” post, giving your brain a moment to warm up, so to speak, but here’s a mild-mannered and scholarly (but not too scholarly or too mild-mannered) rant against … Continue reading

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“Grammer Dont Matter”?

(This post could have been titled “Sometimes, he has to tell someone off for being deliberately, unspeakably stupid.”) Warning: contains metaphors, sarcasm, and cussing. Also contains logic. Read at your own risk. I find it both disheartening and immensely annoying … Continue reading

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Updates: editing and writing

I received word yesterday that a sci-fi novel I’ll be copyediting is now in the hands of the developmental editor, so I should be getting the manuscript sometime in the middle of next month. That will give me time for another round of editing/proofreading on Project Brimstone … Continue reading

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A Superpower With No Off-Switch

In the past few months, I’ve tried to read a few dozen novels. Most of those novels contained so many errors that I stopped reading. Aside from one I read because the author asked me to, the furthest I made it through … Continue reading

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You want to pay them WHAT?

Indie writers aren’t rich. They don’t have money to spend frivolously. When someone online tells them they shouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars (or more!) to have their writing professionally edited, they want that to be true: Who do those people … Continue reading

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