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BadGramma’s all-natural revenge extract :-)

Just a bit of grammar humor here… inspired by the bad grammar in a couple of lines from a movie I really liked. (Yes, it’s true: I can’t even watch a superhero movie without flinching inwardly when someone uses blatantly … Continue reading

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Missing the Point

Someone read this post a couple of weeks ago and apparently took great offense at the phrase ‘passing for human.’ Said it was racist and ableist… I understand how it could be either/both of those things, in a totally different … Continue reading

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Irony: Pervasive punctuation errors in a blog post saying professional authors — real, serious-about-the-craft writers of any sort — always make sure their writing is free of errors. Punctuation advice of the day: Do not add a comma after a … Continue reading

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…and then the source of “glitches” dried up.

I’ve mentioned that I like to use Pinterest to find examples for my “Writing Glitch” posts, right? Well, that source is no longer an option: I don’t know why, but Pinterest has been, for the last few months, throwing a … Continue reading

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Tirade Redux

The first part of this is copied from an older post (which you can find here). Sorry, but I’m going to have to use figurative language in this one (which is sort of important to a point I’m trying to … Continue reading

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“Finder” can no longer be found here… but I’ll still talk about it. A LOT.

(I did mention that I don’t do April Fools’ Day, right? Yeah. So everything in this post is as real as anything in a post on any other day. There will be sarcasm and such, but I won’t lie to … Continue reading

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(idjits and the ban hammer)

Another rambling-ish, ranting-ish (eep! Weaver expressing how he feels about something! is that even allowed?) blog post that I’m sharing now because someone expressed an interest: I have decided that I am entirely done with attempting to explain to (usually … Continue reading

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