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This makes no sense…

I’m having a stupid day (or week) or something, because I just don’t understand… Compare and contrast:  You have a science fiction story in which the protagonist builds a time machine and travels a few centuries into the future, where stuff happens.  … Continue reading


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U is for Utah. It just seemed like the perfect location for a (fictional) secret private-but-working-for-the-military think tank/laboratory, the sort of placed that shows up so often in novels by authors like Michael Crichton or Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.  Desolate, … Continue reading

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Imagine (or otherwise pretend) that you’re looking at an old, hand-drawn map: You see a curved chain of mountains, nearly a ring, falling to rocky, forested hills and eventually river-riven lowlands in the center. At the northeast side of the ring … Continue reading

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Every time I begin to write about this topic, I end up going off on a long tangent at first as I attempt to define, give examples, and then describe in detail how it applies to my writing. Seems appropriate, somehow. … Continue reading

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