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Overwhelming Evidence, or Why it’s a bad idea to argue art history with someone who actually studied it.

This is how it went: Not long ago, I happened to see someone online complaining about how some authors of paranormal fiction have the nerve to describe angelic-type characters as having non-white wings (brightly colored or brown like a bird’s … Continue reading

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Of sci-fi and coffee mugs

I have a giant coffee mug (holds about half a gallon — no exaggeration), but it’s plain white, which is sometimes rather boring (and also the color of vanilla ice cream and Moby Dick: a color which I don’t think … Continue reading

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Project Brimstone: cover art and release date

We have a release date! And cover art…   Project Brimstone is available for preorder on Amazon. Release date is May 1, 2017. Here’s the back-cover blurb: Major John Michael Harrison, USSOCOM, discovers a dark secret: an invasion from another … Continue reading

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Fan Art, Revisited

Today, I left a blog comment that may need some explanation… Once upon a time, a friend made this deliberately silly fan art of two characters in my twin’s novels. “Hello Neo-panther” is Hunter (panther, more or less), and the … Continue reading

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Taking a break

My cats say I need to take a break from the internet and spend the afternoon reading a book, so this is the only (original, not reblogged) post you’re getting from me today. This first picture is a painting I … Continue reading

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…and the new one, too.

The Madness Engine (release date May 22, 2015) The war between the Sentient Concord and the Earth Federation grinds on, but dark forces are moving behind the scenes, intent on unleashing terror on a scale never seen before, a terror … Continue reading

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Oh, yeah — cover pictures…

I’ve been asked to wait a little while longer on revealing the cover for The Madness Engine, but here are the new covers for The Remnant and The Fallen:   These are low-resolution copies, mind you, not the actual cover … Continue reading

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