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Sometimes, he has a conniption about badly punctuated “dialogue tags.”

Maybe it’s entertaining to see an allegedly grown-ass adult express a strong opinion about something as “trivial” as bad punctuation in a book someone wants him to purchase (“Ain’t you got better things to care about, like getting stupid drunk … Continue reading

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Think about this, folks…

Not to mention how using the word in such a way diminishes the original, real meaning, turning it into a mere synonym for ‘person who has strong views I don’t agree with.’

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“Passive voice” does not mean “negative statement,” either.

In anthropology, they’re called post-processualists. I’m sure they’re called something else in discussions of literature, but the mindset is the same: “This is factually true because this is how I feel about it.” (If you’re a sci-fi nerd like me, … Continue reading

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A bored Weaver is a dangerous Weaver: ‘nother idjit/bad “editor” gets their red-penning red-penned.

What can I say? Someone posted a link on a writing forum, and I clicked on the link, and then I was appalled by the bad punctuation on a freelance editor’s web page… And if you’re been following my blog … Continue reading

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The “explanation” mark…

I just read a blog post on why not to use exclamation marks in fiction. The thing is, that blogger called it an explanation mark over and over again (ten times), so it’s not a typo — this idjit thinks … Continue reading

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Sometimes, he’s just happy to take a break from editing.

More than one hundred thirty thousand words in eight days… My brain hurts. I’ve finished the first round of copyediting on this novel, though, and sent my comments to the author so we can figure out solutions to a few … Continue reading

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A birthday both real and ficitonal, plus mini-rants about science and grammar.

Birthday: Y’know how I always say something about birthdays of my “imaginary friends”? Well, tomorrow (June 1) is Hrothgar Tebrey’s birthday. Also his author’s birthday, although obviously they weren’t born in the same year. Or on the same planet. Science … Continue reading

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