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Latest blatherings about writing projects from Weaver and his clone

A few weeks ago, I saw a comment on a discussion board about science fiction and fantasy stating that  readers always prefer stories with protagonists who look like themselves. I can think of only two protagonists from novels I’ve read … Continue reading

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thoughts on “that novel’s” main character

People tell me that readers like to know an author’s process, where the ideas come from and which ones get thrown back, how characters’ resumes are handled, etc.  So I’m gonna blog about that now.  Bear with me… Today, I have … Continue reading


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A character creation questionaire – my way

Why make a list when you can make a story…? (Warning:  This definitely contains plot spoilers, as it is basically a major character from my novel-in-progress answering, in his own voice, a bunch of questions from one of those annoying … Continue reading

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