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FREE sci-fi novel, plus a bit about WIPs.

Last week, I got to read about twenty thousand words of my clone-sibling’s WIP (well, one of them: he’s working on three different novels right now), the sequel to Project Brimstone (working title, Stormriders). And I gotta tell you, anyone … Continue reading

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Another free sci-fi novel from author Paul B. Spence

Of course you were expecting┬áthis one: it’s the sequel to last week’s free novel. Read. Enjoy. Wait impatiently/eagerly for the third book to be free sometime next week… ­čÖé              

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FREE sci-fi novel: limited-time offer

So there’s this sci-fi anthor named Paul B. Spence (my “clone-sibling”/identical twin), and he’s decided that as a way of helping people who are isolated due to this virus thing, he’s gonna offer his novel The Remnant for free, from … Continue reading

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Once again, he seeks beta readers.

It’s time for the next stage in preparing this manuscript for publication: beta readers! We already have one volunteer, someone who’s never read for us before, and that’s good, because this story is a bit different from everything else the … Continue reading

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In the author’s own words…

Paul has a post on his blog about his upcoming novel, I Won’t Cry for Yesterday: Back when I first started writing, I wrote a novel and then another with the same characters, something of a stand-alone sequel. They were … Continue reading

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Cover/Title Reveal

I’m sure I’ve mentioned recently that my clone-sibling has a new novel… Well, here’s the cover: I think I’d describe this novel as a contemporary paranormal thriller, but you won’t find any werewolves and such on its pages: it’s not … Continue reading

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Anything that can go weirdly, will. Especially copyediting fiction. Especially if the copyeditor is the author’s clone-sibling.

This is how it went, back near the beginning of the month: Needed to take a break from editing. Decided to listen to music. First song to come up was… “Eye in the Sky,” by The Alan Parsons Project. I … Continue reading

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